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Paulbots: The mainstream media is ignoring Ron Paul!
Mainstream media: About those racist newsletters...
Paulbots: The mainstream media is putting too much focus on Ron Paul!
— Carroll - A Libertarian & former Ron Paul supporter. But most of all, my friend.

If the shoe were on the other foot, you know Ron Paul supporters would be all over it like flies on shit. Because that’s basically what they are. Flies on shit.

The nerve of some people. It’s like the facts are displayed right in front of him. And I’m not just talking about some ancient newsletters. I’m also talking about statements - like would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and thought the Civil War was pointless. Not to mention turning things over to the states because states have never, EVER dehumanized or discriminated against minorities. The fact that he will protect the “sanctity of marriage” - sure he’ll allow states to choose for us, but the federal government shouldn’t have any say. Not to mention women’s rights.

Yup. Ron Paul. He’s a man for the individual rights! And by individual, I mean Straight. White. And Christian Men.

crusadermaximus asks: KKK

Clinton said that he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman. That was a lie.

Bush said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. That was a lie.

Ron Paul said he had no idea that those newsletters contained racist slurs and bigot opinions and that he was no responsible for them… 

Apparently, you people haven’t learned shit about politicians. 

Amazing awesomeness is amazingly awesome.

Amazing awesomeness is amazingly awesome.

Silly Paul-bots never do their research.

Silly Paul-bots never do their research.